Lotus Biscoff
Cookie Butter

Lotus Biscoff cookie butter has a unique and surprising taste that brings variety to your table, whenever you enjoy a slice of bread or toast. Made with non-GMO ingredients, it is vegan friendly and contains no artificial colors, no flavors, and no preservatives.
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Available in these packages

Lotus Biscoff Creamy Cookie Butter 14.1oz
Lotus Biscoff Crunchy Cookie Butter 13.4oz
Lotus Biscoff & GO snack pack
Lotus Biscoff Creamy Cookie Butter: Per serving (serving size: 2 tablespoons | 30g )
170 | 9%
11g | 14%*
2.5g | 13%*
0g | 0%*
65mg | 3%*
17g | 6%*
0g | 0%*
0mcg | 0%*
5mg | 0%*
Omg | 0%*
15mg | 0%*


Biscoff cookies (Wheat flour, Sugar, Vegetable oils [contains one or more of soybean oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, palm oil], Brown sugar syrup, Sodium bicarbonate [leavening], Soy flour, Salt, Cinnamon], Canola oil, Sugar, Soy lecithin, Citric acid. Does not contain nuts.

Can contain traces of*
NOT present
* The allergen is not present in the recipe of this product but is present in the company where this product is made.
Vanilla ice cream with fried apple and Lotus Biscoff crumbles

Enchant your guests or family with a dazzling hot yet cold dessert. A trick that can be played in the twinkling of an eye. And Lotus Biscoff cookies.

Apple tart with Lotus Biscoff

Once the delicious smell fills the house, you know apple pie and Lotus Biscoff were born for each other. In the oven, the aroma develops into a spicy scent that evokes the festive season.

Cupcakes with Lotus Biscoff and coffee cream

The secret of this irresistibly cute dessert resides in the unbeatable combination of coffee with Lotus Biscoff. The surprise is hidden in the very heart of each little cake.