« People all over the world enjoy the unique taste of Lotus Biscoff. »


The distinctive caramelised taste of Lotus Biscoff is appreciated by young and old all over the world. It’s the pride of everyone at Lotus Bakeries. And it inspires us to apply the same high standards of craftsmanship as when they were first made.
About us

Baker Boone's
true craftsmanship

In 1932, a Belgian baker named Jan Boone Sr., creates a caramelised biscuit with nothing but natural ingredients. He names it Lotus, after the flower that symbolises purity.

Some of our Biscoff ingredients

Coffee + Lotus Biscoff = the perfect match

In the 1950’s, baker Boone starts wrapping the biscuits individually. It’s eagerly snapped up by cafés and restaurants as the biscuit to be served with a coffee. It’s an instant hit because taste wise, coffee and the caramelised biscuit have complementary profiles. They boost each other’s flavour.

A cup of coffee holding a biscoff cookie

Lotus Biscoff conquers the world

Through the years, Lotus Biscoff’s popularity spreads far beyond borders. Coffee lovers all over the world ask for a Lotus Biscoff with their latte or espresso. Unsurprisingly, the name Lotus Biscoff itself is a combination of ‘biscuit’ and ‘coffee’.

Child stealing from the cookie jar

Some things never change - fortunately!

Today, Lotus Bakeries is still family-owned and based in its home town. The ingredients of Lotus Biscoff are as pure, the taste as unique and the biscuit as crunchy as ever. There are 6 billion biscuits a year coming out of our oven, which are savoured over 6 continents.

Biscoff Biscuits

More than
just a biscuit

Lotus Biscoff became much more than your coffee’s favourite companion. Creative chefs use it as an ingredient for delicious desserts, like tiramisu or Lotus Biscoff mousse.

Decorative spoons and scoops

A family with
great taste

Over the years, the Lotus Biscoff family kept growing. Its unique taste can now be savoured as a smooth spread or as delicious ice cream.