Lotus Biscoff
Spread Crunchy

Lotus Biscoff Spread has a unique and surprising taste that brings variation to your table,
whenever you enjoy a slice of bread or toast.
This crunchy version is for those who like a delicate, crispy bite
as an extra reminder of the original biscuit.
Speculoospasta crunchy

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Tasty tips for cooking with Lotus Biscoff

The unique taste of Lotus Biscoff makes it a great fit for certain recipes. Get inspired by a few mouth-watering examples.

Biscoff Balls
Biscoff Lasagna

It only takes one bite from this Biscoff Lasagna for you to forget all about the traditional recipe. 

Cupcakes with Lotus Biscoff and coffee cream

The secret of this irresistibly cute dessert resides in the unbeatable combination of coffee with Lotus Biscoff. The surprise is hidden in the very heart of each little cake.