A taste
like no other

Lotus Biscoff is a biscuit with a surprisingly
crunchy bite and distinctive flavour.
Its unique caramelised taste is loved all over the world.
You can enjoy it as a treat throughout the day,
with your coffee or include in your cooking

the ultimate ingredient

Do you wonder where the unique taste of Lotus Biscoff comes from? It starts with the right combination of carefully selected natural ingredients. But the magic is in the making. It happens in the oven, during the well-mastered caramelization process. In fact, it’s all a matter of craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship, the ultimate ingredient

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Liven up your cooking with Lotus Biscoff

Did you know that the unique taste of Lotus Biscoff goes surprisingly well with a lot of recipes?

Tiramisu with Lotus Biscoff

Surprise your guests with something unexpected: give a Belgian twist to an Italian classic. The magical bond between Lotus Biscoff and coffee adds that little bit extra to this popular dolce.

Mascarpone cream with Lotus Biscoff and strawberries

Surprise your guests with a luscious taste of summer, no matter the season. As long as you have berries at hand. But festively red strawberries are sure to please everyone.

Cheesecake with white chocolate and Lotus Biscoff

If you adooore cheesecake, you will adooore this even more. The hard part is to leave it alone overnight, without sneaking into the fridge to snack from this lavish splendour of a dessert.