Biscoff Mousse

We all know the classic chocolate mousse dessert, but here is a Biscoff version: smooth & delicious!


For 15 servings
  • 500 g Biscoff biscuit crumbs
  • 600 g Biscoff spread
  • 12 eggs
  • 120 g sugar
  • 2 leaves of gelatine
  • 650 ml double cream

Prepare in 9 steps

  • 1

    Soak the gelatine sheets in water.

  • 2

        In a big bowl, mix the egg yolks and the sugar until you have a light cream. Whisk on high speed for +/- 5 minutes until you get a creamy mixture that has doubled or tripled in size. 

  • 3

    In a separate bowl, mix the egg whites until stiff and set aside.

  • 4

    In a separate bowl, mix the cream to a whipped cream consistency and set aside.

  • 5

    Melt the Biscoff spread for about 20 seconds in the microwave and gently pour into the bowl of the egg yolk and sugar mixture.

  • 6

    Add a drizzle of cream to a small saucepan, together with the gelatine leaves you take out of the water. Put it over medium heat until the gelatine has melted. Mix this in gently into the Biscoff mixture as well.

  • 7

    Gently fold the whipped cream into the Biscoff mixture. Afterwards, also mix the egg whites into the Biscoff mixture with a spatula.

  • 8

    Now fill the serving glasses with a bottom layer of Biscoff biscuit crumbs. Pour in the mousse. Optionally, add an extra layer of Biscoff biscuit crumbs in between and add mousse on top again. Set aside in the fridge for 5-6 hours.

  • 9

    Fill a piping bag with Biscoff spread and top off the glass with a swirl of Biscoff spread.

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